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Environmental and Social Responsibility


Most retailers are about consumption.  The more you buy, the more they make.  Three Hearts Home is about being conscious consumers...about knowing where the things in your home come from, and how they were made.  We are about buying fewer, low impact, artisan-made, heirloom quality goods instead of countless, unnecessary products with limited lifespans and no heart. We are about filling our lives with beauty and surrounding ourselves with art and craft, and by doing so, becoming connected to local and global communities of Makers.  


Loving the Earth and operating in an environmentally responsible way is extremely important to us, and is a commitment we have made to our trusting customers.  Here are a few of the ways we honor that commitment:

  • Sourcing low impact, sustainable, and otherwise environmentally-friendly products:  When seeking out new makers and new products to offer at Three Hearts Home, we look for items made responsibly.  Many of our products are made with reclaimed or sustainable materials, and are created using low impact, environmentally friendly methods.   We love finding small-batch makers who use "slow" methods, as they are gentle on the environment in addition to being high quality and unique.
  • Ecofriendly Shipping Materials:  All of the materials Three Hearts Home uses to ship are made of recycled materials, or are recyclable themselves.  Our boxes are made of 100% post-consumer materials and are manufactured in the USA.  We reuse as much packing material that is used in shipments to us as possible, instead of discarding or sending it to be recycled.  For this reason, you may see several different types of packing material in your shipment. 

Three Hearts Home was founded by a family of Makers.  With this background, we know firsthand that handcrafted items have a quality and soul that mass produced items don't have.  We know that by buying from artisans we are not only sustaining traditional methods of art and craft, we are sustaining the artisans themselves.  We understand the importance of supporting Makers and honoring their expertise and artistry by paying fair wages.  The products we buy that are not American made are sourced from companies with a commitment to social responsibility.  See our Fair Trade collection for products made by global artisans working with companies that follow the principles of Fair Trade.