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Our Story

"Do what you love and you will find the way to get it out to the world"

- Judy Collins


Three Hearts Home is a store grown out of love. Recognizing their unique and complimentary talents, and inspired by their love for design and craft {and each other of course!}, mother-daughter team Robin and Heather started brainstorming.  Having recently made the decision to take a break from her career in the field of mental health and homelessness, Heather longed to exercise her creative muscles, while still making the world a better place.  At the same time, Robin had been dreaming of a new venture herself, and shared with Heather the idea of creating an online Home Decor shop as an extension of the family's existing kitchen and bath design firm, to offer unique, handcrafted items to their clients and the general public. Coming from a family of makers, the two imagined how wonderful it would be to be able to create something together, to have a place to showcase their own family's work, and most importantly, to do what they love for a living!  Their excitement grew as they began seeing their dream take shape.   

The Three Hearts Home mission quickly became clear—to integrate a love for the earth, a love for supporting independent makers, and a love for cultivating a home environment that is personal, beautiful, and comfortable. With this mission in mind, Robin and Heather carefully curate collections of unique and high quality goods, with an emphasis on artisanal, handcrafted, fair trade, and environmentally friendly products.  

Check out our policy on Environmental and Social Responsibility to learn more about our values and the ways we honor them.