2017 Lunar Calendar / Moon Phase Calendar Screen Printed Poster


by Worthwhile Paper

The Product:

A screen printed moon phase calendar for the 2017 year. Great for those who love observing the sky and moon, nature, gardening, and the overall rhythms of life. A fun and unique calendar that is perfect for hanging in a bedroom, hallway, nursery, or anywhere it fits in!

The details:
Original design & hand lettering.
Paper: 100# Dark Gray Paper
Inks: White
Size: 18 x 24 (fits a standard frame!)

The full moons are indicated by the dots surrounding the moon on that day. The new moons are indicated by a solid outline.

Phases were sourced from the 2017 Almanac.

The Maker:

Print designer and hand letterer Kristen Drozdowski says, "The name “Worthwhile” is about valuing life, time & experiences, going outside, falling in love, doing something creative, surrounding ourselves with beauty, and spending time on the things that matter. I like to think that the things that we make, keep close or give to others are an expression of our personalities. The inspiration for many of the cards & prints in my line comes directly from celebrating liveliness that every day can offer. My goal is to create energetic designs with simple messages that people can use make any day a little brighter."  Based in southeast Michigan, Kristen designs and makes everything in house.