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Above All Else Print


by Wildship Studio

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The Product:

Above all else, love. Hang this in your home or office to remind yourself (or those around you) that there is goodness in kindness.

This 5 x 7 print is an archival giclee reproduction on watercolor paper, printed using the highest quality pigment inks.

The Maker:

• living in a state of nature; not tamed or domesticated

-SHIP (suffix)
• indicating state or condition: fellowship
• indicating rank, office, or position: lordship
• indicating craft or skill: horsemanship ; workmanship

From the Maker:

"Hello, friend! My name is Bree and I founded Wildship Studio as a means to celebrate the adventures of this wild and precious life we are all living. Since earning a degree in illustration, I have been working as a freelancer on various projects... and then I fell into the world of illustrated stationery. What initially began as an exploration of custom-illustrated wedding invitations has now expanded to include a product line of seasonal and everyday goods. The designs you'll see are hand-drawn or painted original works, which are created with ink, gouache, watercolor, and sometimes digital painting. While the collection is currently modest, there are many new designs in development, including a selection of home goods! I want to thank you profusely for your interest in Wildship Studio. Your support and kindred passion for spreading joy through paper goods is truly appreciated! "