All Natural Wooden Toy Cleaner


by Clover and Birch

The Product:

You make sure to provide safe, natural, and eco friendly toys and teethers for your little one - and the same attention should be paid to how you keep these items clean, right?

Keep It Clean Toy Cleaner is an all purpose cleaning solution made in small batches from organic ingredients. Each batch of organic distilled white vinegar and assorted citrus peels steeps for weeks to absorb the cirtus aromas and oils. This cleaning solution is gentle on your wood toys and safe for use around your littles!

The Maker:

"We believe in puddle jumping and exploration. We love open ended toys and vivid imaginations. We believe in the beauty of natural materials in tiny hands. We encourage making it up as you go. We believe in finding whimsical adventure in the most unsuspecting of places. We love free range and free spirits. So from our family to yours, we offer natural materials, eco friendly practices and open ended play, in the products that we make, use and love."