Anatomical Heart T-Shirt


by Cognitive Surplus

The Product:

Let the English majors quote Shelley and Keats! Let musicians play their Brahms! A poem can get old and a concerto can leave you cold, but Pi goes on and on without repeating. There is nothing more romantic than gazing deeply into the eyes of your beloved and reciting Pi until you run out of digits, for that would take forever... (sigh)

This Golden Pi Tee Shirt is perfect for the math enthusiast in your circle. Give it to your calculating brother-in-law or your irrational neighbor. Best of all, it won’t set you back many digits.

The Maker:

Cognitive Surplus is owned and run by Kristen and Geoff Zephyrus. (Kristen is the science-nerd, Geoff does the designing).

"We are fascinated by and curious about the science in the world around us. We love everything from physics jokes to the exquisite beauty of early scientific etchings and illustrations. We’re inspired by a sense of wonder for our universe and a desire to look closer. Everything from gazing up at the night sky to the way magnets work is both intriguing and a little magical, and we hope that we’re able to share some of our excitement through our designs."