Art Print | Starling Murmuration


by Little Truths

The Product:

This lovely 'Murmuration' print measures 8.5 x 11 inches, is signed, and is unframed. It is printed using archival ink on heavy weight paper

From the Maker:

INSPIRED BY: the amazing phenomenon of starling murmuration, seen first hand on the maker's vacation in Rome a few years ago. 

THE SCIENCE: Flocking starlings are one of nature’s most amazing sights: hundreds of birds moving as one entity. But what makes this uncanny coordination possible? Starling flocks are best described with equations of “critical transitions” —systems that are poised to tip, to be almost instantly transformed, like liquid turning to gas. Each starling in a flock is connected to every other. When a flock turns in unison, it’s a phase transition. It seems pretty simple: when a neighbor moves, so do you. Depending on the flock’s size and speed, the pattern changes. What’s complicated is how criticality is created and maintained. It’s easy for a starling to turn when its neighbor turns — but what allows it to happen almost simultaneously in two birds separated by hundreds of feet and hundreds of other birds? That remains to be discovered, and the implications extend beyond birds. Starlings may simply be the most visible and beautiful example of a biological criticality that also seems to operate in proteins and neurons, hinting at universal principles yet to be understood.

* The Startling Science of Starling Murmuration,
Wired Magazine, 11/8/11

The Maker:

"Hi I'm Lori, owner and maker at Little Truths!

Over the last few years a compulsion grew in me to find a creative outlet, a way of telling my story and celebrating all the little truths this life has to offer. I am so grateful that I listened to my creative calling and took up painting! I wholeheartedly believe that your true path in life is the one you create yourself. It's never too late!

I hope my work expresses a playfulness and desire to joyfully explore our connection to the natural world, to science and to each other. There are so many LITTLE TRUTHS in this life, everyday miracles worthy of celebration: the immense potentiality held within a tiny acorn, the cycle of the moon, the migration patterns of gray whales or the feelings conveyed through a simple phrase or song lyric. I like to dig a little deeper- I don't just paint a starling but I paint a starling murmuration and explore the science behind why it's amazing!

I hope you've gained some insight into the many sources of inspiration that fill my life, fuel my work, and propel me time and time again back to the paint."