"Barking Seal" Birthday Card


by Anemone Letterpress

The Product:

"Barking Seal" Birthday Card

This B7 (3.25" x 5.25") birthday card is letterpress printed using hand-mixed sunbeam and bluebell inks on luxe 100% cotton (tree free!) paper. Blank inside, it comes with a coordinating sunbeam envelope specially sized for this unique card!

Due to the nature of letterpress printing slight variations in color & registration might occur.

The Maker:

"Hello! I'm Carrie Howe Hersom, the gal in front of and behind the presses at Anemone Letterpress. I'm a native Californian and can't think of many places as wonderful and diverse to call home. I grew up in Central California but moved to the Los Angeles area in '90, where I later attended Otis, College of Art and Design. Though my degree was in Fashion Design, I eventually ended up falling in love with letterpress. I started this little company in 2007 and all I can say is, being able to draw, design, print, and run my own business is an absolute joy.

I currently run Anemone Letterpress with a little help and moral support from my husband and partner. Though we've been wholesaling since 2008, in 2011 we made the decision to attend the National Stationery Show as exhibitors and haven't looked back since."