Beer Stones | Set of 2 Hops


by Brew Muse

The Product:

These hand-engraved "Hop" shaped Beer Stones are a perfect gift for the beer lover in your life! Beer Stones are a blend of art and science, designed to take a beer poured from a bottle or can and replicate the experience you'd get from an expertly poured pint at your local pub. 

These beautifully simple Beer Stones elevate your beer experience by: helping to hold a fluffy, lacey head of froth until your very last sip; enhancing flavor and aroma; decreasing unwanted acidity (for a wonderfully smooth taste); and keeping your beer colder without diluting it.

Beer Stones are reusable, so every pint you pour can enjoy the same special treatment. They're easy to clean, won’t scratch your glass, and will last for years to come.

This set includes 2 Beer Stones, along with a cloth bag to store your Beer Stones when you're not using them. 

The Maker:

The concept for Beer Stones came to Bryce, owner at Brew Muse, as he was thinking about beer glassware. He liked glasses with nucleation sites (the ones that release a stream of CO2 bubbles from the bottom), but he already had dozens of glasses. How could he get that effect without replacing his whole collection?

So being an engineer, he thought of a better way: He created a portable soapstone barware product, used just like whiskey stones, and hand-engraved the nucleation sites on the outside so it, too could release that stream of CO2 bubbles. This one product allowed his whole glassware collection to keep a foamy head on beer, enhancing the smell of hops and malt, softening the prickly acidity, and reducing the uncomfortable stomach gas.

What started as a curiosity has now resulted in a beautifully hand-engraved product, perfect for unique gifts to beer lovers, groomsmen or bridesmaids, or just anyone who enjoys a cold brew on occasion!