Brass Bar Pendant


by Sora Designs

The Product:

This edgy, yet delicate, statement piece features five vintage slender brass bars separated by faceted brass beads. The beads all slide along freely on a tiny brass ball chain measuring 22" in length.

The Maker:

"I came to the United States in 1995 to pursue my graduate degrees in Educational Psychology. I was amazed about all the local craft fairs and amused about all different majors that I haven't heard about when I was in Taiwan such as textile designs, for example because it belongs to vocational schools or junior colleges. I finished my degrees and enjoyed the time in the graduate schools. I finally got my Ph.D. in early intervention and policy research and was happy to get out of the school for all those years. Six years fast forward, I found that I could just be as proud and happy in creating stuff to make other people happy too. Thanks to Etsy. It provides an easier way for me to discover this truth.

My jewelry has gone through a lot of changes but I've tried to stay true to expressing what I love and who I am. I am inspired by things around me and try to capture the beauty in them. I adore vintage jewelry so I am drawn towards glamorous pieces and colorful creations."

-Wen, Owner & Maker at Sora Designs and Sora Designs Black