Ceramic Ombre Coffee Mug


by Hands on Ceramics

The Product:

These modern ceramic mugs were thrown on the potters wheel, attached with a slab handle, then dipped in a warm white glaze before being hand sprayed. Each mug is unique, but that's part of what makes them so fun! These mugs hold 12 ounces and are microwave and dishwasher safe.

Available in two color combinations:
Black/white ombre
Pink/white ombre

The Maker:

From the Maker: "Though I am born and bred in NYC I have been a Chicago dweller for several years. I majored in Ceramic arts at Concordia university in Montreal then made my My way to Chicago where I began teaching and producing my own work. Between instructing wheel classes for adults and children, managing a ceramics studio and working as a production potter I became obsessed, immersed and in love with all things ceramic. Finally establishing a brand for myself, I began to sell my work locally and participate in juried art shows, artisan markets and Comcon conventions. Finally making my way back to New York City after six years in Chicago I'm continuing to grow and expand by sharing my love of clay through teaching and building my own line of functional ceramics."