Ceramic Salt Cellar | Blueberry with Palladium Lustre


by A Mano

The Product:

This bowl was hand built and pinched to make it extra lovely. This bowl was hand-painted with different glazes and crystal glazes and a real palladium lustre rim. It's a little uneven, a little wonky and extra cheerful.
Approximately 3-3.25" across and 1.5" high. Hand washing is recommended, but if you forget and run it through the dishwasher you should be okay. This item is NOT microwave safe.

**Please note that each item is handmade and glazed with love. This means there may be some glaze inconsistencies from piece to piece. That's part of the joy of buying a handmade piece!

The Maker:

"For as long as I can remember art has been a major part of my life. As a kid, I spent hours cutting pretty things from magazines and pasting them into my "wish" journal. I had a huge collection of rubber stamps, water colors, sculpy clay, beading supplies, embroidery floss...you name it, I dabbled in it. Fast forward a few (ahem ahem) years and I'm so thrilled to be making a living as an artist. My full time job is a professional portrait and wedding photographer, but making ceramics keeps me grounded, keeps my hands busy and keeps money coming in during the slower parts of the photo season here in chilly Minnesota. 
My work isn't a profound expression of who I am, nor is it intended to be the most technical or artistic ceramic work on the market. It is, instead, a way for me to explore colors and patterns, light and darkness, composition and volume. It's the physical inverse of my photography and I love getting a chance to create, and not just capture.
These pieces should make you feel happy...they are my way of making the world, and your daily life, just a little more beautiful."