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Ceramic Shooter


by Rebecca Graves Pottery

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The Product:

This unique little shot glass is a must-have! Approximate dimensions are 2" x 3" and will vary slightly due to the handmade nature of wheel thrown pottery, but that's what makes it so cool.

Available in two colors: Dead Sexy Neapolitan (tricolor glaze finish) and Dead Sexy Duo (two toned glaze finish).

The Maker:

"My sense of humor shows through the rich, textural surfaces of my work inviting people to smile and touch. Besides the imagery carved into the surfaces, I like my pottery to truly function, as well. If the coffee cup dribbles down your chin, what is the point? Good design is as important as surface decoration and I love the entire process." -Rebecca Graves, Owner and Maker

Rebecca Graves's background in graphic design, printmaking and textiles is apparent in the carved surfaces of her ceramics. Her desire to create truly useful pottery is the result of years working in environmental and interior design. The studio is in the Lakes Region of NE Indiana where she lives with her husband, Christopher Prowse, and their studio kitties Elliott Bean and Willa Booker.

Growing up in a creative family, Rebecca was sewing at age two and attending classes at the Toledo Museum of Art at age four. She has explored the arts from childhood without pause. With over twenty-five years of working as a studio artist as well as a variety of apprenticeships and studio assistantships, Rebecca has grown into a life of art, adapting techniques to fit her personal style.

In 2016 Rebecca Graves Pottery moved completely into its own studio space complete with kiln shed and glaze shop. July 2016 marked the growth of the studio as Brandon Fitzwater joined the team as a permanent member. Brandon works as the Studio Manager making sure things keep rolling, managing tasks in the studio as well as working with Rebecca to develop new products, maintaining the studio web and social media presence and marketing.