Concrete Bar Necklace | Gold or Copper Cube


by Studio Corbelle

The Product:

Inspired by the Golden Ratio, make a statement with this architectural bar with a surprise gold or copper cube at the halfway to 3/4 mark. It is cast by hand and completed with a 3 step finishing process to ensure a smooth finish, adequate cure time for maximum strength, and a final seal to prevent stains and damage.

Side length: 2"
Thickness: 1/2"x1/2"
Silver cube: 1/2"x1/2"
Chain length: 10" on each side of bar

Studio Corbelle's concrete jewelry pays homage to the modern movement through their basic geometric shape and minimal presentation. These bold geometric shapes provide a beautiful counterpoint to the human form. The sharp geometric angles contrast and enhance the wearer’s natural curves creating a conversation between the wearer and her jewelry.

Each pendant is made from a special proprietary blend of concrete to give them maximum strength and lightness. Due to the nature of concrete, each piece has slight variances (i.e. bubbles and color) that add to its charm and character.

The Maker:

"A former architecture student and a builder/gymnastics coach came together to marry the ideas of structure and the human form. 

Today we consider ourselves concrete artists, but it wasn't always like that. 
I (Olga) struggled with with working in architecture since there was little work using your hands (designing strip malls is really not that exciting either). Aidan loved buildings things, but lacked insipration. With his background in jewelry making/metalsmithing and my not-always-helpful concrete engineering skills, we decided to create some "mini architecture" under the name of Studio Corbelle.

Getting started was quite a struggle: we took over 4 months to find the perfect formula to achieve a final product smoother than anything we've seen. After many failures, tears, and calls to construction companies to procure obscure ingredients, we finally developed it to perfection! We take pride in our proprietary blend and multi-step casting and curing process in order to deliver an exceptional product.

Studio Corbelle stemmed from the idea that concrete could be more than just an industrial building material. It was instant love: concrete and us. We love Bauhaus arts and Brutalist architecture which heavily inspire our designs.

In addition to concrete projects, we enjoy being typical Northwesterners: tending to the garden, beering, frolicking with our dogs, traveling for artisan goods, and brainstorming our next building projects."