Delux Shaving Kit | 6 piece set | All Natural | Father's Day | Men's Gift


by CRUX Supply Co.

The Product:

Included in this kit are signature products made by CRUX Supply Co.: Pre-Shave Tonic, Shave Soap, Post Shave Tonic, Wooden Shaving Brush, and Stainless Steel Shaving Bowl, all housed by a zippered nylon waterproof pouch.

CRUX Supply Co. prides itself in using all natural & organic ingredients to produce honest products for awesome people. Made in the USA.

The Maker:

"At CRUX Supply Co. we believe that quality outlives notoriety, that heritage outshines glamour, that integrity solidifies personality. We believe in the hearty laughs of our grandfathers, in well-worn suits, in tools that show their toil. We believe that quality comes before quantity, and that craft ages with grace and substance. Whether it be leather that grows more supple with wear or hammered brass whose patina deepens with every year, CRUX Supply Co.'s products are chosen for their staying power -- their power to carry stories of work and adventure from one generation to the next.

All men seek to weave their own tales of adventure and daring. And while we believe that men are made of what's inside, a dash of dapper never hurt. At CRUX Supply Co., we furnish your stories with apparel, accessories, and grooming products that are built to last. Our vintage collections have survived the test of time, matured with dignity and strength, and are ready for new life with a new generation. Whether our customers are seeking dapper digs, utilitarian bags, or a clean shave, CRUX Supply Co. prides itself on being a premium vendor for reliable, well-designed goods. As we say, fine goods for fine men."

~ Beth Coller, Owner