Embroidered Southwestern Pendant | Statement Necklace


by Mountains of Thread

The Product:

Each necklace has a different fun color combination of a classic southwestern textile design. These necklaces are a great addition to any outfit and were definitely made with the adventurous and free spirited in mind!

Each pendant is hand stitched on unbleached muslin fabric and then set into a 1 inch silver toned circle setting and hangs sweetly on a silver toned chain. Chain is complete with small lobster clasp. Due to the nature of hand stitched embroidery and handmade jewelry, some variation of the pendants are to be expected which makes these pendants truly unique. 

The Maker:

"I have always appreciated the art of handmade work, the act of pouring a little bit of yourself into the things you make whether they are for you or for others.

I've been playing with needle and thread for a couple of years now. It started with cross stitching. My mother used to cross stitch and I love that we still use the Christmas stockings she stitched for my brother, sister and me. They must be about 20 years old now and still look great! My first piece of embroidery was made for my sister's wedding. I made three pieces all together for her and immediately fell in love with embroidery. It's such a versatile craft that allows you to pretty much draw with the thread! You can be as traditional or wild with it as you want! I started with simple patterns, and then started adapting the patterns to my whims and then quickly moved to making my own patterns which I now share with you here. Whether it's stitching, gardening or baking, I love working with my hands and I love that which each piece I make, I learn a little more about myself."

~ Sarah, Owner and Maker