Felted Wool Heart Ornaments


by House of Moss

The Product:

Each of these handmade, heart-shaped ornaments is needle felted of pure wool and hangs from a loop of cotton thread.  Measuring approximately 1" across, the hearts are intentionally non-uniform for a more organic look.  While they make lovely holiday ornaments, we love them for year-round decor and as a cute addition to gift packaging for any occasion!

Ornaments are sold separately in your choice of four colors:  Mossy Green, Amber Heather, White, or Red.  Grab a few in the same color or mix and match for a cute set!

The Maker:

The Maker behind House of Moss's whimsical felted creations cites the landscape of her beautiful Pacific Northwest home as a source of inspiration.  In her Portland, Oregon home she is surrounded by a gorgeous forest environment full of moss, trees and mushrooms that inspire the world of woodland-themed felted wool she creates.  After spending a year as a nanny and gaining exposure to Waldorf education and its sensibilities of simplicity and natural materials, she recognizes these characteristics have stayed with her in her work as well.