Food Grade Mineral Oil


by Brooklyn Slate

he Product:

Each slate product made by Brooklyn Slate is sealed with food grade mineral oil to maintain the integrity of the slate and bring out the unique stratifications and color variations in the stone. Protect your slate for years to come with this bottled food grade mineral oil. Simply wipe down the stone with a drop or two of oil twice a year or as needed.

Available individually or as part of the Brooklyn Slate Tool Kit

The Maker:

Brooklyn Slate Company is a collaborative effort from Brooklyn graphic designer Sean Tice and Parsons graduate student Kristy Hadeka. After visiting Kristy’s family slate quarry in upstate New York in the spring of 2009, the two grabbed a few pieces for use as all purpose boards back home in Brooklyn. They found a number of purposes for the slate — as trivets for tea kettles and hot dishes to coasters for beers — and began gifting pieces to friends. The response was so overwhelmingly positive that the two struck out to produce a line of slate products.

They now make regular trips to the family quarry in upstate New York to hand pick their favorite pieces of slate and transport them back to their studio in Red Hook, Brooklyn. There they do additional cutting and clean the stone to be food safe. In order to achieve the rough look of the unfinished pieces, they chip the edges with a slate cutter and other tools.