French Paddle | Tiger Maple

$87.00 $69.00

by Vermont Farm Table

The Product:

Using gorgeous tiger maple wood, time-honored technique and a simple, traditional style, the artisans at Vermont Farm Table have created an heirloom-quality French Paddle that you'll have, love, and use for life.  Use it as a cutting board, or for the table as a serving board.  The beautiful hand joinery gives the pieces two cross-running lines, allowing the wood to expand and contract while keeping the board from warping due to humidity. Finished with high quality food grade mineral oil.

Measures 12"

Product No: VF-21401

The Maker:

The company that would become Vermont Farm Table was started in a two car garage in Shelburne, Vermont in 2008. Dustin was inspired by the beautiful wood he sourced in New England for basic house repair and noticed from the onset of Vermont Farm Table that high quality, functional, and robust furniture was hard to find. The furniture choices most prevalent on the market were either high-gloss, manufactured veneers or contemporary lacquer finished hardwoods. Dustin had a vision for a warmer, cleaner, more approachable piece of furniture. One built using a blend of hand-selected reclaimed materials, balanced proportions, and non-toxic finishes. And so Vermont Farm Table was born.  Check out their studio in downtown Burlington, VT if you are ever in the area!