Funny Father's Day Card | Shooting My Boyfriends


by Cheeky Kumquat

The Product:

He liked to threaten, but we're all happy he never did...

Inside is blank for your personal sentiment
- Printed on high-quality 110lb acid-free paper
- 5.5 x 4.25 folded card (size A2)
- Includes 100% recycled, 100% Post-Consumer Waste brown bag envelope

All Cheeky Kumquat cards are hand-designed, printed, cut, scored and folded.

The Maker:

“With a background in history and teaching it only makes sense to open a cheeky greeting card shop...

Which I did so in early 2013 after finally succumbing to pressure from family and friends to try selling my greeting cards online. I have never been a sappy card-lover, but I always read the punchlines on the funny ones, so I figured I'd open a shop with my own brand of humor and see if anyone else appreciated it. In addition to the cards, I recently developed a line of buttons and magnets with a cheeky edge. I am now so happy to be a part of the supportive and creative community of Etsy buyers and sellers, and am totally floored by the positive response I have gotten to my products.

As I am lucky enough to be mom to the world's most awesome little girl (the original Cheeky Kumquat, as she's been known since she was three months in utero), much of my designing goes on in the wee hours of the night. Most of the ideas for my cards come from conversations I have had with my husband or from personal life experiences. My workspace doubles as a play area and my daughter loves helping me seal the envelopes when I am fulfilling orders. Which is super cute when I have three orders and less cute when I have thirty orders. But still cute.

I have no grand designs to become a greeting card mogul; I run this business in my free time in between play dates, story time and marathon games of hide and seek. Making cards and buttons and fulfilling orders allows me some much-needed adult time and is something I truly love to do, most likely because I don't consider it a job, but rather a really fun hobby I get to make a little bit of money doing.

I hope that my cards and buttons make you chuckle and remind everyone that you can't take life too seriously. It's just less fun that way.”