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Ginkgo Leaves Wall Hanging


by H&K Studios

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The Product:
This wall hanging is made of hand-ground copper, and is sealed for durability to prevent rust and scratching. Metal hooks are on back for easy wall-hanging.
Piece measures '12 x '12 in.
The Ginkgo, also known as the maidenhair tree, is light and delicate in real life, and so H&K Studios felt that their version should be light and delicate as well. Their goal was to make the leaf spray looking like a fresh ginkgo branch dipped in liquid metal, a unique way to brighten up one of your walls at home.
The Maker:
"So, four years ago we met for the first time--even though I'd babysat his younger brothers, we'd attended the same church, and we lived down the street from one another since we were kids. After one summer night ride in a red pick-up truck, he knew "this was it," and sometime during a year and a half of dating (and nine months of it long-distance), I knew it was "it" too, and so I met him at the end of the aisle. For a year and a half after that, we worked long and hard until we reached the point where we realized that our conflicting schedules (teaching and managing an automotive shop) made it so we literally never saw one another. We started thinking that there must be a better way. That maybe we could make a different kind of life for ourselves.
Then, after planning and talking and thinking, we just jumped in feet first. We quit our jobs, left our home, traveled the West Coast for a month, then went back to New Mexico to learn the ropes of metal art from Kyle's dad, and finally got to move to Colorado and start a business of our own.
On May 25th we had our first--Baby Mac. So now there are three Gowens living and working together in this little house with its in-garage shop. We are beyond grateful that our great perhaps is turning into a great reality."  ~ H&K Studios