Handcrafted Leather Napkin Rings


by Scott Metzger

The Product:

These gorgeous napkin rings are handcrafted from raw vegetable tanned leather. Each piece is cut, grooved, dyed, finished and, finally, stitched by hand. The stripe of natural, undyed leather across the front gives these napkin rings a truly unique look, and the time and energy put into them is evident in the quality and feel of each piece.

Set of Four Napkin Rings

Measures: Approximately 1 1/4"t x 1 3/4"d each

The Maker:

Partner of 10 years to Three Hearts Home's Creative Manager, Scott is a man of many talents. Though photography is his primary artistic medium, he enjoys the fact that the results of his leather craft are tangible in nature. Having been an enthusiast of high quality, handcrafted leather products for many years, he started practicing the craft himself in January of 2014 and hasn't looked back. He enjoys the challenge of creating truly original designs, experimenting with new techniques, and infusing ordinary objects with the kind of soul that only comes from the energy and intention poured into handcrafted work.