Handwoven Organic Silk Runner | 'Paro Meghon'


by Sustainable Threads

The Product:

The neutral tones and rich texture of this runner make it lovely for everyday display, and elegant enough to dress the table for a more formal gathering.  The material is called Eri silk, which is hand-spun from vacant cocoons of silk works; it does not involve boiling, and in the process killing, of the worms.  The silk is then handwoven on bamboo looms, using low impact dyes.

Measures 12" x 60"
Dry clean recommended
Product No: ST-700-95-PMR

The Maker:

Sustainable Threads currently works with more than 10 artisan groups in India, with the goal of long term, deep partnerships. This elegant hand-woven silk runner is from an artisan cooperative in Assam which employs indigenous Bodo women weavers. This silk is known as ahimsa or peace silk. Silkworm cocoons are collected only after the moths have emerged, unlike in the production of most commercial silks. This results in a greater degree of fiber purity, emphasizing the natural luster of the silk. Silk cloth is woven on manual bamboo looms. The artisan carefully strings threads vertically upon the loom. She then weaves horizontal interlacing threads in decorative patterns.