Horizon Necklace V Tassel Necklace | Turquoise


by Layers of Earth

Hand-formed polymer clay wrapped around brass tube, hand carved, textured and dipped in indigo dye. The handmade linen rope is dyed turquoise and is 39” long.  And the pendant cylinder measures 2” long.

Inspired by how we allow the earth currents to flow through us, carve us, shape us, scar us, transform us. How when we stand together, we can created a tidal wave of change. 

Each piece is handmade with lots of love. You may notice slight differences in the carving and dying patterns, as each is unique. They are fierce but delicate and should be treated with care. The dyed polymer clay has an aqueous earth-friendly varnish for extra protection but avoid water, excessive sweat and extreme heat. Colors may fade slightly with time.
Layers of Earth is the Baltimore based jewelry and accessories brand, owned and operated by Joanna Otten. Forged from necessity – a vegetarian for over a decade – Joanna found a void in the fashion industry: a lack of vibrant, fashion-forward styles created for the vegan lifestyle.

More than a jewelry or lifestyle brand, it's a mindset to live with intention, inspiration and kindness, to all living beings.

Our commitment is to compassionately create and make a difference in the lives of so many animal friends in need.

All pieces are handcrafted with only plant-based, vegan and cruelty-free materials. And, a portion of every sale goes to carefully selected animal sanctuaries & rescue organizations, dedicated to bringing a vibrant, peaceful life to animals in need.