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Individual Napkins


by Sustainable Threads

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The Product:

These soft, 100% cotton napkins are a great way to reduce the use of disposable paper products!  They are sold individually so you can get exactly how many you need--all in one color, or mix and match!  Each napkin is hand woven on a bamboo loom by women weavers of Northeast India and is colored with low-impact dyes.  

Measures 18"x18" 
Machine Washable
Cobalt Product No: ST-301-30-BL
Orange Product No: ST-301-27-GD
Cream Product No: ST-301-29-CM

The Maker:

Sustainable Threads currently works with more than 10 artisan groups in India, with the goal of long term, deep partnerships. This striking product is hand-woven by an artisan cooperative in Assam, using bamboo frame looms. The co-op of indigenous women creates intricately woven pieces and incorporates traditional design elements and skills. This cooperative was formed as a project of a local non-governmental organization to tap into the existing skills of weavers and expand income opportunities for women. They made a commitment to work specifically with the poorest of the weavers; the group steadily grew, forming a trust employing over one-hundred local weavers.