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Long Stained Glass Mini House


by Sarah Brueck Williams Modern Stained Glass

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The Product:

This display is perfect to house your own arrangements of air plants, succulents, rocks, and other little pieces of nature. Made with repurposed or vintage clear glass, this piece will serve as a unique accent to your home or office! 

Each box measures 2.75" x 1" x 1.5".

A Note from the Maker: "While these boxes look like tons of fun for kids to play with, the solder contains lead which is not safe for children to handle. Wash your hands with soap and water after prolonged contact. Because this item uses recycled or repurposed materials, some light scratches may be on the surface of the glass but these add to the patina and antiqued look of the piece. They are not suitable for growing consumable plants in soil in direct contact with the solder and are not guaranteed to be water tight."

The Maker:

"Since I was young I loved to make things. I come from a long line of family members who lived to create; both my Grandmothers were amazing bakers and cooks, one made dolls and sewed, my mother is a photographer, my dad a woodworker. As I grew up I tried many different craft mediums; friendship bracelets and macrame, sewing, drawing, photography, glass bead lampworking and finally settling into beadwork as my preferred craft. I worked in bead embroidery making beaded art dolls. My jewelry was intricate and eclectic, incorporating many different elements, such as seashells, driftwood and beautiful handmade glass beads.  A friend introduced me to wool and wet and dry felting became my new obsession, making felted pincushions. About the same time I purchased a kit to paint on silk and was hooked on that also, making silk scarves. In 2006 the same friend who introduced me to wool, taught me how to make a simple stained glass star. The process of creating stained glass is time consuming but I loved it immediately! For a few years I worked in all these mediums selling my items at arts & crafts fairs. In 2013 I decided stained glass was the medium I would focus on and created a line of feather ornaments that would be the foundation of my work with 3D forms, buntings and wedding accessories rounding out the line. I am proud to be able to make art as a job and hope to be able to continue making new fun handmade items every day!"

- Sarah, Owner and Maker