Handwoven Cotton Table Runner | 'Maya Sunset'


by Novica

The Product:

This beautiful table runner is hand woven on a traditional floor loom, and features a pattern that combines the colors of the sunset with Guatamala's tradtional jaspe, or tie dye motifs.  

Measures: 81" x 14.4"
Machine wash separately in cold water.
Product No: NV-196008

The Maker:

Mother and daughter Miriam and Deborah design textiles, and work with a collective of women artisans to bring them to life.  After finishing a government contract working in rural development, Deborah sought to find a way to continue working to improve quality of life in the region.  She and her mother Miriam recognized the skill and technique of local weavers, and by partnering with them to create updated designs, have created work for the community.  Miriam says, "My daughter and I love what we do; the relation with our culture and traditions is exciting. We are only designers. The ones who really give life to our ideas are the artisans. But by promoting their work, we are fostering conditions for these traditions to continue. This is a part of the cultural richness we can offer the world."