Migraine Mask


by Ardent Hands

The Product:

Migraines are a honest to goodness pain and can be very debilitating. These migraine relief eye masks are designed to help lighten the load and ease the pain of a migraine. Each migraine relief eye mask is handmade using a colorful and fun linen/cotton blend material and then loosely filled with lentils. The lentils give the migraine relief eye masks a softer feel and eliminate odors that can be associated with corn or rice masks. These migraine relief eye masks can be placed in the freezer or microwave and come with a clear plastic box to help keep them clean while they are in the freezer. Most migraine relief eye masks can hold the cold for up to 30 mins.

Each mask measures 9 inches long x 4 inches wide x 1/2 inch tall.

Ice Pack: Leave the migraine relief eye mask in the box and leave in the freezer until ready to use.
Hot Pack: Place the migraine relief eye mask in the microwave on high for 30 seconds.

The Maker:

"I started Ardent Hands Designs out of a need to keep my hands busy while I was dealing with some PTSD issues. I started with making over vintage furniture and made a few hot packs to help keep sales up while I was waiting for the furniture to sell. 
At the beginning of 2015 I added Boo Boo Buddies to my line of hot packs and went into wholesale and things just bloomed from there. I have since been diagnosed with an auto immune disease and have had to step away from the furniture and focus on my sewing."