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Monoi Body Scrub


by Luxe Apothecary

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The Product:

This luxurious skin softening scrub is specially formulated to smooth and moisturize the skin. Shea Butter helps reduce inflammation, moisturizes, and will leave your skin silky smooth. It is also enriched with sea clay, a natural source of a high content of minerals.

Key Ingredients:
Shea Butter: hailed for its protecting and emollient properties, has high amounts of unsaponifiable matters, vitamin E and other natural active elements, and is a perfect natural moisturizing agent for the skin, particularly the face and hands, penetrates deeply into the epidermis and leaves a smooth, satiny finish.
Sea Clay: high content of minerals, known to help with joint and muscle pain
Peppermint Essential Oil: gives skin a tingly clean feeling

To use, bathe as usual. Follow up by using this body scrub on arms, legs, feet, and any other areas that need extra exfoliation + moisture. Rinse off and enjoy your new skin! This body scrub will give your skin a slight tingle feeling. The Maker suggests testing it on a part of your body before using it all over, and does not suggest using this on your face.

8 oz | Handcrafted

The Maker: