Natural Wood Lid and Jar | Retro Bike Pattern


by Lucca Laser Workshop

The Product:

Take your organization to the next level with this unique glass jar! Each 24 ounce jar has a wooden lid with a beautiful laser-cut retro bicycle design and is sealed for freshness. These are wonderful for use in the kitchen, office, bathroom or even the perfect gift container!

Washing Instructions: Do not fully submerge in water for long periods of time. Spot wash lightly in soap and water.

One 24oz glass container // Matching lid.

The Maker:

Growing up in her father’s machine shop, Lindsey (the machinist and designer for Lucca Laser Workshop) was in awe of the precision cuts, mathematical detail and raw smells that those machines were able to create. She took her knowledge of machining and combined it with her love for functional, natural design to create her own niche of wood cuts, specialized wedding decor/gifts, and unique accessories.

Lindsey’s inspiration? Her father and her family. Her father raised her on the power of entrepreneurship, precision design and love for the constant search of knowledge and expansion. He taught Lindsey to never ignore my instinct or deny an idea/design no matter how simple or obscure or difficult.

Each and every piece Lucca Laser Workshop is created in Lindsey’s downtown studio store front in Cincinnati, OH. All designs and materials are created or sourced here at Lucca. Long hours are spent designing, perfecting, packaging, cleaning, shipping and taking quick cat naps with the animals on the floor.