Screen Printed Infinity Scarf


by Little Minnow Designs

The Product:

These stylish infinity scarves are perfect for any season, and a subtle yet complimentary addition to any outfit. Keep in mind that each scarf is screen printed by hand, making each one unique from the next.  This scarf is offered in six different patterns and colors: 

- Grey Berries on Ocean
- White Fronds on Cornflower Blue
- Grey Flowers on Blush
- Grey Flowers on Light Grey
- Grey Berries on Cream
- White Fronds on Dark Grey

Fabric: 95% rayon, 5% spandex
Size: 21” wide x 29” long (sewn)

The Maker:

"Hello there! We are Lizzi and Mary of Little Minnow Designs. Originally from the great northern state of Minnesota, somehow we have found ourselves living in Austin, Texas. Pretty lucky we think. We are sisters, and we love hand-drawn typography, breakfast tacos, pretty fabric, tea, and screen-printing.

We have been DIY girls as long as we can remember. Our mom played a big part in this as she was always helping us brainstorm new projects and providing supplies for our endeavors. Growing up we used to sew our own scrunchies, purses, and add embellishments to our jeans. It was cool back then, we swear. Everything just kind of evolved from there. We are always sketching, brainstorming new products and designs, researching our craft. Although we both studied art in college (Lizzi in Advertising, Mary in Fine Arts), printmaking has mainly been a self-taught adventure.

We are constantly inspired by art in the world around us. We don’t go anywhere without a little notebook to jot down ideas. We love textures, patterns, type and colors. Throughout the day we shoot emails back and forth of things love, things we want to do and make, ideas we have, and pictures of things we are working on. We are motivated to get our art, our little voice, out there in the world. We get so excited when we get to the final product, and then we get to share it with others. Every sale is like a little compliment, and who doesn’t like compliments?

The past few years have been such a great learning experience. We feel so lucky to be able to work for ourselves, to do something that we love, and to be able to share our art with the world."

- Lizzi and Mary, Owners and Makers