Soy Candles | Melon and Blackberry | Home Decor | Fragrance for Your Home


by Often Wander

The Product:

A rich and warm fragrance with a unique blend of sweet melon, vanilla, strawberry, and figs mixed with the tartness of blackberries which creates a smooth and sweet candle perfect for spring and summer.

Often Wander candles are made with 100% natural soy wax, quality essential and fragrance oils, and a cotton wick. Clean and slow burning these 6 ounce smooth and creamy soy candles have a 48 hour burn time.

All candles are hand poured in small batches in San Diego, CA.

The Maker:

Sarah, the creator of Often Wander, has always had a creative spirit and has channeled it in many different forms. "Often Wander" has given her the freedom to explore, meander, and create whatever it is that inspires her at the time - an umbrella to all the many things she likes to make. She draws from her experiences growing up in Minnesota, memories of sewing with her grandma, painting with her mom, making candles with her dad, and beading from the native american culture that she grew up in. These memories stay with Sara as she travels, goes on adventures, treasure hunts, and collects unique and vintage pieces along the way. Often Wander is what Sara stands for; for being curious at heart, and exploring all of her passions at once.

"Always evolving, and ever wandering."