Strand Bracelet | Double T


by Mulxiply

 The Product:

Linear simplicity makes this on-trend bracelet a daily style staple.

- Available in three finishes: brass, silver plated nickel or oxidized brass.
- 2mm round band. Approximately 2.75 inch diameter.
- One size. Adjustable to fit your wrist.
- Each bracelet sold separately. 
- Handmade by artisans in Nepal.  Please allow for variations in finishing.
- Brass will tarnish as it responds to moisture and individual body chemistry. It stays its shiniest when kept close to the skin. Polish with anti-tarnish cloth. Store in a dry place.

  The Maker:

"We really believe that one of the primary routes out of poverty is job creation. Our idea was born out of time spent in the developing world exploring the issues that particularly women face and figuring out viable solutions. We noticed that there are quite a few non-profits that do provide work for women, many of the pieces aren't viable in western markets due to quality or not being on-trend. We wanted to make modern pieces utilizing skill and techniques found "far and wide" recognizing that by infusing these social enterprises with outside designers and projects -- a winning combination for all parties! We are committed to partnering with organizations that are both ethical and transparent in their practices, and fully aware of their own country's hardships, particularly those women are up against. Human slavery is growing today and we want to do what we can to lift women out of the risk of enslavement.

We decided to start our work in Nepal because we were a bit smitten with their raw materials (felt, leather, cotton, leather). It's a beautiful country -- but extremely poor and certainly not gaining the investment being poured in to many of it neighboring countries. There is great need in Nepal. Half of the population lives below the poverty line. We found an organization that we could partner with and help grow -- ACP (Association for Craft Producers of Nepal). They are a fair trade social enterprise based in Kathmandu that has existed for about 20 years. They now employ 1,200 artisans (90% women). Part of why we decided to partner with them is that they pay their artisans a salary -- it's not piece work. Also, they are paid regardless of whether we sell our pieces. They also provide healthcare, education allowance and retirement benefits. All to say, we love them."