Tabletop Bell


by Matr Boomie

The Product:

The shape of this tabletop bell was inspired by the pavilion arches of Asia. Handcrafted from recycled tin and iron, each bell is manually cut, hammered, and hand-shaped by artisans in the desert Kutch region of India.  Once the bell is shaped, it is coated in powdered brass and copper and fired in a kiln.  Each bell is then tuned to create a rich, unique sound.  

Measures: 5" in diameter at base x 6.5" tall

The Maker:

Bell making is an ancient Indian craft, traditionally used by farmers to identify their livestock, with each bell tuned to produce a distinctive chime.  After many consecutive years of drought, the demand for traditionally made bells was on the verge of dying, as cattle breeders could no longer buy bells on a regular basis.  With the help of fair trade and mission-based organizations, at least 1,000 village artisans are now keeping this art form alive and earning sustainable livelihoods.