The Logbook | Fine Leather Field Notes Wallet


by Holtz Leather

The Product:

 The Inventor fine leather journal is handcrafted with the finest of Full Grain American leathers, hand picked from a local tannery that has been in operation for over 150 years. Designed, crafted and tested in Huntsville, Alabama, this is a gift that will be used and loved for a lifetime! 

Material: Full Grain American Leather
Dimensions: 4" wide x 6" tall
Features two card slots which can hold up to 4-6 cards, a large pocket, small field notes memo book, and pencil
100% made in the USA

*Note: This journal will not be personalized on the front, but will include Holtz's beautiful logo stamped on the back!

Holtz Leather says, "This ain’t no SISSY-FIED leather. These steer hides are marked by REAL LIFE. Our leather may contain bug bites, scars, BRANDING marks, barbed wire, wrinkles, etc… We don’t discriminate! This leather hasn’t been manipulated in anyway, shape or form. It all tells a story…"

The Maker:

"Holtz Leather is more than just a brand or small business; it’s about family, hard work and the things that matter. Like the way things were done in our great-granddaddy’s day. This generation taught their sons trades and that the family name meant something. They retold old stories of the sweat, tears, and blood their kinfolk sacrificed to keep things going and they were never too busy to help a friend in need.

My hope is that I can start a rebirth of this old generation. Teaching my young ones the importance of hard work, commitment, and the gratification that comes when you do your best. Using every moment as opportunity to teach the lessons of life as we work side by side. That life brings both good times and hard times and how the family is critical to it all."