Tumblers Made From Recycled Cruiser Beer Bottles | Set of Two with Gift Packaging


by The Green Glass Company

The Product:

For the love of beer!. We couldn't have stated it better! Made from reclaimed Cruiser beer bottles. Limited Edition!

Item: 100% Recycled Tumbler
Use: Beverages
Source: Reclaimed Beer Bottle
Height: 4 3/4"
Width: 2 1/2"

Dishwasher safe: Place in top rack, use a mild detergent and a low heat cycle
Fully Annealed
The Maker:
Embracing the idea of re-purposing over recycling, The Green Glass Company fashions high-end goblets and drinking glasses from reclaimed wine, water, and trademark bottles. These bottles were rescued from NYC restaurants and kept out of landfills by transforming them in central Wisconsin into these one of a kind glasses.  Each glass retains the essence of the original bottle, thus preserving the artistic contour, vibrant color and design of the original vessel. The glassware may be further customized with frosted designs.

With origins dating back to 1992 in South Africa, The Green Glass Company has grown into the largest producer of reclaimed glassware in the world.