Virgin Wool Pillow | 'Carbon'

$69.00 $59.00

by Mexchic

The Product:

Made in the beautiful, mountainous, pine tree-filled region of Central Mexico, Mexchic's virgin wool pillows are made of the highest quality, softest wool, supplied by local sheep herders.  The sheep are herded in the open mountain ranges, in the traditional manner with shepherd dogs, and walk long distances every day.  The wool remains undyed and untreated, and offers beautiful neutral hues of cream, grey, and light taupe that compliment the subtle yet modern designs.  Any slight imperfections you might come across in the pillows are due to the delicate hand-processing of the wool.  The pillow covers are constructed with a french seam interior and envelope closure in the back for easy removal and cleaning.

Made of 100 % virgin, all natural, unprocessed, Mexican wool

Measures 16"x16"

Pillow inserts made in US

Pillow Product No: MC-52440-7


The Maker:

"Mexchic is a contemporary design company which works in unison with master Mexican artisans in fusing elements of contemporary design with traditional Mexican handwork such as weaving, embroidery, ikat dying, beading and sculpting in natural materials such as wool, cotton, wood, leather, horn, silver and horse hair.  We stringently follow the guidelines set by the World Fair Trade Organization and are part of the Slow movement. We pride ourselves in creating low impact, socially and ecologically responsible, hand-made, high-end products in contemporary designs."