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White Rabbit Hand-Stitching Kit


by Threadfollower

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The Product:

This adorable white rabbit hand-stitching kit is designed for beginner stitchers, 8 and up, but it is a perfect gift for crafty makers of any age! Simply cut the pattern and fabric inside, and stitch this little rabbit together following the step-by-step instructions.

Materials included: wool and rayon felt, wool batting,embroidery thread and needle, instructions and pattern.

Packaging: 4"x4" brown craft box (recycled, Made in the USA and although it is not necessary... food safe).

The Maker:

Cynthia Treen had always wanted to share he.r joy of stitching with others, so in 2011 she launched her line of threadfollower hand-stitching kits. Her kits are designed for stitchers of all ages (8 and up and up and up.) Although they are great for beginners, they are also a wonderful project (or gift) for stitchers of any level.

The goal of threadfollower is to foster stitching and handcrafting because “making” makes them happy and we want to share that joy with others! They also want to create products that you can feel good about (inside and out) by using local resources, recycled materials, and by making thoughtful choices in the design, development, and production of our products. They strive to give our kits as small a carbon footprint as we possibly can.

The local and recycled components: the wool and rayon felt is produced in neighboring Massachusetts; the 100% wool stuffing comes from a pool of Northeastern US farms; the recycled (FDA certified) boxes are US made; and the printing (on FSC certified paper) is done with vegetable based inks at a nearby printer in Fall River MA. All of the production of the kits is done by hand at Cynthia Treen Studio in RI.