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Wooden Evergreen Trees

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by Hannah's Ideas in Wood

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The Product:

Set of three trees that slot together and make the perfect holiday décor for your home! They pack flat for easy shipping, gifting, and storing. Each set has 3 trees and one star.  The medium set includes trees sized 3", 5", and 7".

Lasercut, hand sanded in Pennsylvania out of local, solid cherry wood. Sustainably harvested from Pennsylvania's rich forests.

The Maker:

Hannah's Story:

"For as long as I can remember my dad has made wooden spoons. He started in his garage in rural Maine, working without heat even when it was 20 degrees below zero. Eventually he moved with my mom and older sister to Pennsylvania, and through decades of hard work, grew his spoon business to what it is today. Jonathan's Spoons has spoons in more than 600 stores in the United States. His spoons were on Oprah's O List, Rachael Ray named his Lazy Spoon as one of her top 10 things to have in the kitchen, and Christina Pirello uses his spoons on her show Christina Cooks every day. Some of my earliest memories involve my dad's business. I used to help him pack and ship orders, oil the spoons, and sell the spoons at craft shows. Instead of playing house, I used to set up a "booth" in the living room to sell my own handmade things, and would wait patiently for one of my four family members to walk through and buy something. Finally, the January after I finished college, I launched Hannah's Ideas in Wood with a booth at the Buyers Market of American Craft. The iPad and iPhone stands that I made were a hit, and continue to be my best sellers to this day. I have expanded my small line of hair accessories, stands, and bud vases to include light switch covers, pens and more! And really, this is just the beginning. I love the work of making my ideas, but what I love even more is the moment when a customer gets it. The sparkle in their eyes is really special. I like making products that are unique, and take a different approach to everyday experiences. My ideas in wood allow you to integrate a piece of natural art with your fast paced lifestyle. In a world of plastic and metal, my products offer a breath of fresh air; providing functionality in beautiful solid cherry wood. I love what I do, and I hope you love it too! "